Release 2.0: (2013-09-19)
  • BACKWARDS-INCOMPATIBLE: Drop support for Django 1.0 - 1.2; Python 2.4 and 2.5.
  • Deprecate localeurl_future tag library, always use new url tag syntax.
  • Try importing patterns, url first from django.conf.urls; use django.conf.urls.defaults only as Django 1.3 fallback. Fixes #36.
  • Don’t try to parse referrer if not present. Fixes #33. Thanks Simon Luijk.
  • Add support for a session-stored locale fallback. Thanks Sylvain Fourmanoit for report and draft patch, and Alex Marandon for adding tests. Fixes #23.
  • Make language-code matching case-insensitive, per RFC. Thanks torgeilo for the report. Fixes #32.
  • Fix issue with non-ASCII characters in URLs. Thanks Chris Adams.
Release 1.5: (2011-08-24)
  • Added LOCALE_REDIRECT_PERMANENT setting; defaults to True, if set to False 302 redirects are used rather than 301. Thanks oyvindeh.
  • LOCALE_INDEPENDENT_PATHS can now be plain string regular expressions, they don’t have to be compiled regex objects. Fixes #9.
  • Added import of localeurl.models to localeurl.middleware, to ensure that reverse is monkeypatched before any requests are served. Fixes #5. Thanks Antti Kaihola for the report, Andrey Shipilov and jefurii for fix confirmation.
  • Added iri_to_uri encoding of non-ASCII redirect URLs. Fixes #13.
  • Sorted language codes longest-first to avoid matching e.g. ‘pt’ before ‘pt-br’. Fixes #15. Thanks Roman Barczyński for report and draft patch.
  • Added LOCALE_INDEPENDENT_STATIC_URL setting to mirror LOCALE_INDEPENDENT_MEDIA_URL. This setting defaults to True, so if you want URLs under STATIC_URL to be locale-dependent, you will need to set it to False.
  • Fixed middleware redirection when there is a script prefix. Fixes #10. Thanks iro for report and draft patch.
  • Added localeurl_future template tag library to provide locale_url tag that wraps the new Django url tag to allow using the new syntax and avoid deprecation warnings under Django 1.3. Fixes #17. Thanks Fabian Büchler for the report.
  • Accounted for reverse() receiving kwargs=None. Fixes #18. Thanks Alexander Clausen for report and tests, Joel Ryan for draft patch.
  • Prevented change_locale view from stripping query params from next. Fixes #7. Thanks Sverre Johansen.
Release 1.4: (2010-03-19)
  • Moved localeurl settings from localeurl/__init__.py to localeurl/settings.py.
  • Added LocaleurlSitemap for easier creation of multilingual sitemaps.
  • Added LOCALEURL_USE_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE setting to check HTTP Accept-Language header before resorting to settings.LANGUAGE_CODE when locale is not specified in URL.
  • Switched to 301 permanent redirects for no-locale URL redirect.
  • Moved to BitBucket for source code hosting.
  • Added the change_locale view, contributed by Panos Laganakos.
Release 1.3: (2009-04-06)
  • Changed chlocale tag to strip prefix of locale-independent paths.
  • Moved the monkey-patching of urlresolvers.reverse to models.py.
  • Removed REDIRECT_LOCALE_INDEPENDENT_PATHS settings option; this is now the default.
Release 1.2: (2009-01-19):
  • Moved the documentation into the source tree. (Based on a blog post by Andi Albrecht.)
  • Released version 1.2.
Release 1.1: (2008-11-20):
  • Added the PREFIX_DEFAULT_LOCALE settings option contributed by Jonas Christian.
Release 1.0: (2008-09-10):
  • Added Django 1.0 or higher as a prerequisite.
  • Moved to Google Code.


localeurl was developed by Joost Cassee based on the work by Atli Þorbjörnsson. Contributions by Jonas Christian. Includes code from the django-localize project by Artiom Diomin. Currently maintained by Carl Meyer.

It was partly taken from and partly inspired by discussions on the django-users and django-multilingual mailinglists:

See also this blog post on internationalisation by Yann Malet that references Atli’s code.

The announcement of localeurl on these lists can be found here:

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